Houston Community College Faculty Recital

April 6, 2021. First faculty recital at Houston Community College, presenting a collaborative performance of Dorothy Hindman's "13 for 3 Through 5" with Dr. Brady Spitz.

Honorable Mention at the College Music Society South Central Conference

March 29, 2021. My presentation on DACAMERA and HGO's "I Am My Future" residency won honorable mention at the College Music Society South Central Conference! Click on the image to see the presentation.

March 11, 2021. Two new recordings premiered at the NASA Regional Conference at UT San Antonio. Works by Marilyn Shrude and Dorothy Hindman performed by myself, Pablo Martínez Martínez and Dr. Brady Spitz.

December 19, 2021. SAXOPOTAMUS at Trinity United Methodist Church with the Kazoku Quartet. SAXPOTAMUS is the story of the invention of the saxophone, as told by Hippos, brought to life through the unique storytelling combination of saxophone quartet and narrator.

November 28, 2020. Ellie Parker and Nick Bissen plays Blue Blood Sky by Jacob Thiede at Smither Park in Houston, TX for Pin Lim's series "Sounds of the 713."

November 4, 2020. Presenting on DACAMERA and HGO's "I Am My Future" at Florida State University.